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By 12th May 2017

Further updates about the important changes to the treatment of rental income in Italy mentioned below – the new Airbnb law. Recent legislation (D.L. 50/2017) introduces new rules on tourist rentals, which are defined as those of under 30 days. As of 1st June 2017 there will be an option to have the gross rental income taxed at a fixed rate of 21% under what is known as the “cedolare secca”. No costs are allowed against this income. We should make clear that for those who rent out their property directly, without using online portals or other intermediaries, this is only an option, so there is nothing to prevent you continuing to declare the rentals as you have to date.

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By 3rd May 2017

Once again a lightning move by the Italian government, this time in the field of short-term tourist rentals. The new Draft Law 50/2017 was published in the Official Gazette on 24th April and came into effect the following day. Its proposals are revolutionary: income from all short-term tourist rentals (defined as stays of under 30 days), whether organised directly or through agencies, AirBnB or similar online portals is to be taxed at a flat rate of 21% through the scheme known as cedolare secca.

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By 26th April 2017

Do you rent your house in Italy? There may be some good news for you. For some time there have been incentives available in the form of tax breaks for those renting under certain types of rental contracts, but these were mainly for long-term contracts which had been approved by the tenants’ and landlords’ unions – of limited application to the majority of renters. However deductions are also available for those on lower incomes who are renting their main residence: for those with incomes of less than around €15k, the tax deduction amounts to €495.80, while for those with incomes below €31k, the deduction available is €247.90.

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