ENEA requirements

Expansion of ENEA reporting requirements

Sounds a little dry, we appreciate, but these requirements are of interest to anyone engaged in building work on their property in Italy. There are very generous tax credits available for most types of “extraordinary” renovation and restructuring work, as well as for certain types of energy-saving improvements. Up to now there has been a requirement to certify that the energy-saving improvements are sufficiently effective. Now these requirements have been extended to cover certain types of structural works. In brief these include insulation of walls, roofs and floors, and double-glazing. They also now include certification of white goods, which can qualify for a small tax credit when purchased in connection with wider renovation work.

In all cases, the work needs to be notified to the ENEA organisation within 90 days – this is best handled by the geometra or other technician involved in the work. Failure to notify ENEA correctly will mean you lose the benefit of the tax credit – so worth taking note!