Italian Accountancy Service Testimonials From Our Clients

Our goal is to make your life easier and to be professional and friendly while we do that. Here’s what some recent clients have to say:

Soundworks Touring Europe is an Italian company that is operated from a base in Perth, Australia. When you have international dealings that you can’t be there to oversee, you need a reliable, friendly, knowledgeable accounting firm in your corner. And with Studio Del Gaizo Picchioni we have struck gold! The advantage of an English speaking office and their attention to detail regarding all our business aspects has been invaluable.  Antonio and Judith have gone above and beyond our expectations, and a strong relationship is emerging despite never having met face to face. In these days of technology, communicating with Studio Del Gaizo Picchioni solely via email and Skype has been a smooth and clear method. We look forward to a long and rewarding relationship with Antonio and Judith, despite the many oceans that separate our businesses.

Asha Wesson – Soundworks Touring Europe

I found Studio Del Gaizo Picchioni on the Internet when I was looking for help with my Italian tax affairs. I have found Antonio Del Gaizo very helpful with the advice he has given me and in getting me registered for IVA and with INPS, and have engaged him to help me with my other tax affairs.

Graham Irwin

Antonio Del Gaizo helped us considerably in understanding some of the complex laws and their associated taxes in relation to property in Italy. Our situation was particularly complicated for a variety of historical reasons – and Antonio suggested a meeting so that we could get a better understanding of our position. This was extremely useful, as it allowed us to ask many questions which exposed our lack of knowledge – but he dealt with our naivety with great tact and diplomacy. It made us realise that we should have taken the advice of somebody who is aware of the complexities of the Italian system much sooner!

Sheila Rodgers

Before I found Studio Del Gaizo & Picchioni, submitting my Italian annual tax returns was complicated, frustrating and time consuming. Now I can rest assured that everything is taken care of for me, submitted within deadlines and carried out in accordance with all the latest fiscal laws, with a minimum of effort on my part.  The studio offers an excellent, straightforward service that you can trust.

Sarah Thompson

We decided to use Studio Del Gaizo Picchioni to sort out the tax and legal requirements for our rental apartment in Tuscany. Tax issues regarding Italian rental property can be quite complicated and even though we are used to renting out property in the UK we were struggling to find the correct information from the Internet. Antonio sorted the whole thing out for us, from contacting the local Comune to obtaining the necessary licence and then registering us with the various tax departments. He was able to guide us through the multitude of forms with ease, given that we only speak restaurant Italian like the majority of Brits. We can’t thank Judith and Antonio enough for their help, knowledge and support, which together with their professional and friendly manner has made them a pleasure to deal with.

Richard & Jane Jones – Nottingham

Prompt, efficient, courteous, friendly and customer-oriented service. This, in a nutshell, has been my experience with Antonio and Judith. Antonio has sorted out my tax situation in Italy in a very professional manner,  thereby taking a weight off my shoulders!  I think Antonio and Judith make the perfect combination to assist customers who are new to the Italian environment and, based on my experience, I would highly recommend them.

Lucy Quaggiotto

I truly appreciated the combination of efficiency and friendly professional service.

I received clear and practical advice which enables me to move forward with confidence – knowing I have experts on hand I can turn to for accessible and thorough personalised advice is a massive business advantage.

Andrew Spinelli

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