About Italian Accountants Studio Del Gaizo Picchioni

Antonio Del Gaizo and Enrico Picchioni are both qualified, professional Italian accountants (commercialista) each with nearly 25 years of experience. They are enrolled on the Italy Accountants Roll (Dottori e Ragioneri Commercialisti in Livorno and are qualified as auditors (revisori contabili).  Both trained at prestigious firms of accountants in Livorno.

Antonio speaks fluent English and spends the majority of his time running the UK branch of the office. He offers advice and accountancy services to English-speaking non-Italians.

Enrico has primary responsibility for the Livorno office and specializes in fiscal matters, pay-roll and employment law.

At Studio del Gaizo Picchioni we pride ourselves on an efficient, fast and professional service. Because we have offices in both the UK and Italy and don’t farm out work to middle men, we believe we can offer you unparalleled expert advice for all your Italian taxation needs.