Don’t forget your PEC!

“And what is that?” you may ask. The P.E.C. (posta elettronica certificata) is a certified e-mail address. The intention is to allow companies (and others) a cheap and secure method of sending information by e-mail and is expected to be of particular assistance when dealing with public bodies.

No more excuses that a letter got “lost in the post” – the PEC communication provides a read return receipt which shows that the message has not only been received, but also read. PEC communications will have the same legal validity as a raccomandata (or recorded delivery letter) but without the cost – or the long queue at the Post Office. All Italian companies should have had one by the end of November, but the deadline has now been extended to the end of December.

Doing business in Italy is becoming a bit simpler!

If you need any help in getting a PEC for your company contact us.