More on IMU

Attentive readers will recall that as of January this year, the property tax ICI was replaced by a new tax, IMU. One difference is that the reduced rate of IMU (basically that for the prima casa) will apply “to only one property unit”.

This will affect many who, generally unbeknownst to them, have properties which at the Land Registry are made up of more than one unit. Often the registration shows the main building as one unit, a garage as another, a garden as another again. This means that the reduced rate will only apply to one of the units, say the building, with the other units being charged at full rate.

Our advice? First check your property registration to see if this applies to you – if you let us have your codice fiscale we will supply you with your registration certificate free of charge. If your property is divided, you might like to contact your geometra (or we can recommend one) to see if the different units can be “fused” into one. Contact us here.