Rent contracts: new rules on deductions

Do you rent your house in Italy? There may be some good news for you. For some time there have been incentives available in the form of tax breaks for those renting under certain types of rental contracts, but these were mainly for long-term contracts which had been approved by the tenants’ and landlords’ unions – of limited application to the majority of renters.

However deductions are also available for those on lower incomes who are renting their main residence: for those with incomes of less than around €15k, the tax deduction amounts to €495.80, while for those with incomes below €31k, the deduction available is €247.90.

Further deductions are available for employees who change their residence to move to the Comune where they work, or to a neighbouring Comune outside the Regione where they previously lived, and for all young people between 20 and 30 years old: €991.60 for those within the lower income indicated above, and €495.80 for those with the higher income. These deductions apply for a maximum of 3 years. The sums aren’t huge, but better in our pockets than the tax-man’s!