Italian Tax and Accounting Services

Small Businesses in Italy

If you are doing business in Italy or planning to start a business in Italy then you will need good advice. Things are done very differently from the UK. Among some of the things you need to think about are VAT in Italy (iva), Italian tax and social security payments (INPS), payroll and compliance issues, regular changes of legislation … It can all get a bit complicated, even for Italians!

Throw into the mix the fact that none of the relevant organisations – such as the Italian tax authority, Companies House or the local council – will inform you of your obligations and you can see why the services of a good accountant (commercialista) are essential for the successful running of small businesses in Italy.

We can look after all the tedious but essential taxation and accountancy stuff so that you can focus on doing what you know best – running your business.

We offer advice, in English, on:

  • Start-ups and setting up business in Italy
  • Small businesses in Italy – pay-roll and compliance issues
  • VAT in Italy (IVA)
  • Acquiring a codice fiscale in Italy
  • Changes to Italian legislation