Italian Tax and Accounting Services for Private Individuals

If you don’t know your IMU from your IRPEF – or are not sure if you should be paying Italian tax at all – then we can help you. Whether you are buying a property in Italy, already have a second home or are considering retiring here – you need tax advice.

Italy is a beautiful country but you will inevitably come up against Italian bureaucracy at some point and it’s like trying to herd cats sometimes.

Getting reliable information from any form of public service is really hard. The Italian method is to ask a network of family and friends, one of whom may know someone who knows someone whose cousin works in the relevant department. But expats can’t do that.

Well, how about something better – and more reliable?

We offer advice, in English, on:

  • Buying property in Italy and investing in Italy – how to avoid the pitfalls
  • Moving to Italy – understanding IMU, Tasi, IRPEF and other taxes
  • Italian Health care issues – making sure you are covered
  • Italian Tax returns – you will need to file one if you rent out your holiday home
  • Letting-out your Italian property – how to ensure you don’t become a business (unless you want to!)
  • Renovating your property in Italy – tax breaks for all
  • Retiring to Italy – what happens to your pension?

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