Understanding IMU

Calling all those owning property in Italy. Have you heard about IMU? This year it replaced the ICI council tax. And the bad news is that while most property owners were exempt from ICI on their first house (prima casa), IMU applies to all properties, prima casa or not. Which means that if you have property in Italy, you need to be paying IMU.

Another difference is in the definition of “resident”. For ICI it seemed to be enough that you were registered with your local Anagrafe. With IMU you not only have to be registered with the Anagrafe, but you need to live in your Italian property habitually. So if your property is just your holiday home, you won’t be eligible for the discounted rate of IMU.

And if you do still count as resident, do you know if your property is made up of more than one unit? It’s important to know because the discounted rate of the new IMU tax applies only to one property unit. This  means that if your property is registered at the Catasto as more than one unit (and many are) you will only get the discounted rate on part of your property, and will have to pay the full rate on the rest. How do you find out? If you send us your codice fiscale, we’ll send you your land registration certificate FREE OF CHARGE.

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